Independent Living Program

We help figure out what your barrier is to living independently and develop a step by step plan to overcome it. Examples include:

    • Tangible projects like ramps, bathroom modifications
    • Navigate through other programs like Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Social Security Disability
    • Get involved in social and recreational opportunities
    • Practical solutions from someone who shares similar disability
    • Learn your rights under the Law

This is a short term program, with the focus being on education so each person can learn skills needed to be successful in overcoming a barrier to independence as well as make informed decisions on his or her own behalf.

Nursing Home Program (Project OUT)

  • —For Someone living in a nursing home who can successfully move back home
  • —For Someone on brink of moving into a nursing home
  • —Program puts together necessary modifications to home, find other accessible housing and put day to day living help in place to make it a long term success.

In-Home Care (Self Directed Care)

  • —Goal is to keep you living at home.
  • —Provides help with various day to day activities, such as hygiene, getting dressed, cooking.
  • —You get to pick who you want to come to your house to help with these things and when they come.

Rural Transportation Voucher Program

  • —For someone with a disability who can’t drive
  • —Can use program to go where you would if you drove yourself.
  • —Can use for necessities, work, school, recreation, leisure and social, religious attendance
  • —Transportation is provided by Public Transit and Volunteer Drivers of your Choice

Independent Living Loan Closet

WSIL maintains a Loan Closet for use by anyone with a disability who needs specialized equipment. The equipment is loaned to an individual on a short term basis, while we work with our consumer and other resources to address the barrier on a permanent basis. The Loan Closet has items such as canes, crutches, walkers, hospital beds, bedside commodes and wheelchairs which are loaned as available.  WSIL gratefully accepts tax-deductible donations of equipment or funds to contribute to the Loan Closet inventory.