Rock Springs Office Staff

Sandy Knezovich

Sandy is a Transportation Specialist and an Independent Living Specialist, serving Sweetwater, Uinta and Lincoln Counties.  Sandy helps individuals with a disability remain independent in their own homes by coordinating personal care, home delivered meals, life lines, and skilled nursing.  She also helps provide resources, training and coordinating rides for individuals with a disability who have a barrier to transportation.

Sandy believes that there is nothing more rewarding than giving someone a reason to smile or an emotional thank you from someone you’ve helped to lead an active, independent life.  Outside of work Sandy loves to spend time camping, boating, hiking, biking, or any activity that consists of fresh air, family, friends and good times.

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Pat Punches

Pat is an Independent Living Specialist and Care Coordinator for Sweetwater, Lincoln and Uinta Counties. Pat educates and advocates for individuals to enable them to maintain their independence.  He also informs and assists eligible individuals with utilizing community resources available to them.  Pat is a “retired” school administrator who can’t really retire.

Pat loves family (especially grandkids—six of them) golf, hunting, fishing and people.  Helping individuals maintain their independence is a  is a very gratifying endeavor for him!

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Jessica Freeman

Jessica is a Project Out Coordinator in Sweetwater, Uinta, Lincoln and Teton counties. Jessica helps individuals transition out of the nursing home and back into the community. She also diverts individuals who are at risk of entering the nursing home within 60 days without services in place. Jessica is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in behavioral health.

Jessica likes to learn and is constantly pursing new interests and developing new skills. She has worked in a variety of settings: an Advocate for domestic violence/ sexual assault, a Paraprofessional for a Child development center, a behavioral health technician, computer support technician and a Residential Instructor for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Although she has held a variety of jobs, the common thing is that she enjoys working with others and empowering them to realize their full potential and overcome obstacles in their life.

Jessica enjoys assisting individuals to remain independent in their communities and feels that as long as someone is able to be home they should have the choice to remain independent and stay in the environment that is most comfortable for them.

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Paul Haapala

Paul Haapala is the Data and Billing Manager for WSIL.  Prior to working at WSIL, Paul had a variety of occupations which include being an IT/Building Maintenance Manager, auto claims adjuster, field technician for an archaeological firm, and a production worker in a cheese factory to name a few. Paul graduated from Western Wyoming Community College with an Associates of Science in Business Administration. He also earned his Human Resources certificate from the University of Utah continuing education program.  He takes pride in working for an organization that is here to help increase the quality of lives for people with disabilities.

When Paul is not working he enjoys spending time with his wife, Elise, and their dog Haapals.  Paul and his twin brother, George, are huge fans of the NBA and their favorite team is the Dallas Mavericks.  He also enjoys traveling, building puzzles and watching movies and documentaries.

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Terri Lyn Greene

Terri Lyn is an Independent Living Specialist serving consumers in Sweetwater County.  She is a Rock Springs native and mother of three sons and eight grandchildren, and has been married to her husband for over 40 years.

Terri Lyn worked 25 years at the YWCA Support and Safe House Program, providing services to domestic violence/sexual assault victims and children.  She managed Safe House and provided all training for staff and volunteers for 22 of those years.  Terri Lyn volunteered at WSIL for over a year before joining our staff as an Independent Living Specialist.

Terri Lyn enjoys serving in an organization that provides assistance to a whole new population that she had never worked with before.  She also enjoys working in an environment with supportive co-workers.


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